365 Challenge Day minus 1

The final last minute panic!

My day was filled with the updated of the main simpsonperry www site and finishing the actual 365 challenge landing page.

I have to admit that I had been feeling a little fatigued and just wanted the whole thing to start. Too much preparation can be detrimental.

This is probably rich coming from me, who is an advocate of planning such projects meticulously.

Project Lemonade - 365 Challenge was but hours away from starting. There was a real sense of relief, but not the excitement I have had on the 60-day build up to it.

On the eve of a new year, in full level lockdown - Lockdown #3 with the virus clearly raging out of control here in Ireland.

The prospect of real change in the situation in 2021 was still only a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Despite the availability of a vaccine, the reality is the roll out would take more than a year. In fact, with a population around 5million, it would require 30,000 injections every day for a year. This is the reality and why I believe that 2021 will offer little change.

Hence, the need to keep myself busy and focused was more real than ever before.

I have a number of options that need to be explored and another year of a slowly turning world would provide the ideal platform on which to test many of these ideas and learn new skills in a world dominated by social media.

Yesterday, I was engaged in another discussion on Twitter and the outcome was to start a new Tweetstorm on the topic of Equality for all. This fell inline with my idea of a daily Tweet post to support my desire to share a quote a day. Quotes of my own creation.

The other idea was to create a daily post consisting of four lines of prose - poem. Really? Still want to include this is the mix.

The daily mix being as follows:

  • Short Story Word of the Day
  • Daily Journal entry
  • Equality for all tweet
  • 4-line poem tweet
  • Sharing links to daily journal entry