365 Challenge Day minus 11

Mindful Mondays - Interesting Facts

Thought it might be a good way to start the week. This would be about sharing some interesting facts on a variety of different topics.

The topic could be anything and varied in nature. The first Monday in 2021 will be 4th January. As this is a writing challenge, I would like to start with a post on ‘Why reading is good for you.’

This is something that I have posted used as part of the landing page for the new book; Lemondemic. It would be good to build on this and provide referenced post on this topic.

  • 11-01-2021: New years resolutions - Maybe a nice idea to review this. There are several interesting angles to this. How it started? Some of the strangest or weirdest new years resolutions, statistics associated with this and so on.
  • 18-01-2021: Martin Luther King - Not a topic I know anything about. Before my time, but an important date in the calendar. So, time to educate myself and share any interesting facts.
  • 25-01-2021: Lessons from Nature - keen for lessons from nature to feature regularly. This will cover a wide range of topics and climate change needs to be one of those topics.

The post will also provide information and reflection on the #365in2021 challenge. Format for this is still not clear.