365 Challenge Day minus 9

5-Minute Wednesday - Story Time

This post is for the sharing of the stories from my first two books; Lemon Zest and Limoncello. I will work through each book. Although there will only be 52 weeks and 60 stories. Not sure how I will do this, but I plan to start with Lemon Zest.


  • PDF copy to download via link
  • Podcast (New)

Start with the synopsis of the story and an overview of the characters in the story and list all other stories in the storyline of each. Source of the story.

The podcast will be a new experience for me and an opportunity to explore other media platforms. I have to be honest that I am a little nervous about this and I do not have much time to practise.

Lemon Zest stories for January will be:

  • 06-01-2021: The Weekend
  • 13-01-2021: Albert Smithers        
  • 20-01-2021: Philosophy of Life        
  • 27-01-2021: Laa Laa & Tinky Winky        

These are the first four stories in the book. Each different and unique with an unusual twist.