365 Challenge Day minus 7

Writers Friday - Writing hints and tips, character, news updates

This is about my quest to find the next best seller.


No, not at all. My writing journey is more a pass time than a serious desire to become a best seller. It is better for me this way as the only deadlines that I have been set by me. Success always comes at a price and you have to be willing to accept this is the case.

I write freely and free from the pressures that might bestowed on me by publishing companies or my agent, should I have one.

So, this weekly post will be all about sharing my writing techniques, information about my characters, how I create my short stories, scenes, and so on.

I also intend to introduce and share aspects of my 3 P’s short story writing method. To this end, I have created a ‘Writers Lab’ for anyone who would like to improve their fictional writing skills or want to try writing their own stories.

  • 01-01-2021: What is Lemon Zest? This will provide an introduction to project lemon zest and summary of the various books that I have published.
  • 08-01-2021: People, Places and Problems - Introduction to the 3 P’s short story writing technique. This will include the theory, structure and how to use this to frame any story.
  • 15-01-2021: The process of writing - An overview of how to start to write your own short stories. This will include hints, tips, techniques and some exercises.
  • 22-01-2021: Setting - This is where it all starts. My latest short stories are based around a single word. That is, the title of each story in a single word. To be able to work with a single word is not easy. There is tendency to focus of the meaning of the word. A mistake I made during the writing of the stories for Lemondemic.
  • 29-01-2021: Characters - Every story is about the characters. How you connect with them and how your readers connect with them. Making even an extra shine in your story is an art.

I hope that this will prove to be the start of a writing journey for someone out there.