365 Challenge Day minus 2

Last Minute #365 Challenge Landing page.

Spent best part of my day rebuilding. It was all about the detail. This drove many other unfinished tasks:

  • Set up my Anchor FM Podcast account
  • Set up new writers lab channel on youtube
  • Set instagram
  • Added all the social media links in header and footer sections
  • Set up link to the google calendar

The Google calendar was populated with all the content. This did not take as long as I expected. It did help to plan the content out using an Excel appointments calendar first. I had my one page visual to work with and it made light work of populating the live Google calendar.

During the challenge, I would like to use the calendar as the hub for the challenge providing links and updates, attachments as I go.

MacJournal will be where I create all the draft content for each post for the daily journal.

Google Calendar will be the focal point for the master plan.

The short story writing part of the challenge will be less digital. I will sit with a plain sheet of paper for each story word challenge. I might produce a time-lapse video for some of the planning aspects.

  • To Do: Still need to decide how to set up the ‘Buy me a Coffee’ campaign.
  • [Done] To Do: Contact section (A = Call to Action) for the landing page.
  • To Do: Upload updated www site page and the new 365 challenge landing page.
  • To Do: Create a short 365 challenge launch video
  • [Ongoing] To Do: Need more words for the challenge.
  • [Done] To Do: December photos to be added to www site.
  • To Do: Introduction podcast to start Writers lab episodes

When I read back the list above I realise that there is still much to do to get ready for this epic and, in away, insane challenge.