365 Challenge Day minus 3

Last minute landing page re-design …

This is what is so great about 2020. It is going to be a bitter fight till the end. Every about 2020 has been about change!

At 5am on Christmas Day the smoke alarm low battery started and repeated every 3 minutes. This was just one of many little niggles that I am now attributing to 2020 and one reason why I think 2021 will be no different because of the ongoing chaos that is the trademark of COVD19.

My mind bounced around between doubt and enthusiasm. There is that nagging doubt that I am taken on too much. I played with this thought for some time and it was winning. Then, I realised that one of the things that I have become very apt at is creating media with MS powerpoint or Apple keynote. Writing lengthy text that people are too lazy to read is likely to be my biggest challenge. Videos and podcasts are growingly more popular and it maybe that I need to work more with this type of media for my daily blogs.

Not sure that I will ever be really comfortable with facebook or youtube lives. Webinars might be an option. My 4 presentation with the Republic of Work this year went well. So, this might be the option on zoom. The length of these needs to be 30 - 40 minutes.

I climbed up out of the steep-sided pessimistic box and really wanting to make this work. I need this challenge to work out. 2021 needs to bring the change that I had hoped for in 2020. Change did come, but not in the form that I hoped for.

Out of chaos come opportunities. The first lockdown period gave a reason to write and the 30 short stories in 30 days got me back into the writing fiction. Indeed, this journal has helped me to capture my thoughts and ideas. It now provides me with that single source of all information. It is my hub for all my various projects.

If nothing else this build up to 2021 has helped me to focus, plan and get beck into the flow that I have enjoyed in my younger days. With age I have slowed down which is not a bad thing.

So, for the landing page design, I decided to abandon the book launch template in favour of the www site main styling. It just made sense to keep everything in the same format.

I started by doodling on an A3 pad to create the AIDA flow on the page. The purpose of this landing page is to try to engage people in a number of different ways:

  • I want to provide updates on the challenge in the form of a visual display of the 365 words in the challenge. This has been achieved with images for each of the words.
  • I want to open with a short video introducing the challenge. This is very different to the video that I prepared on keynotes file, which was to theme the dyslexic writer - This is the A (Attention)
  • The carousel provides an overview of the other part of this challenge, that is, the daily themed journal. This includes links to the blogger site for writers lab by Project Lemon Zest
  • Finally, the journal section to offer a number of engagement methods. Google calendar link, Lemondemic link and I think a writers lab link.

Did not finish, but it was the right decision to make this last minute switch.

A full day and the 11th hour approaches.