365 Challenge Day minus 12

80% of any success is in the planning

Today, I decided to review where I am in terms of the #365in2021 challenge. Still quite a few things to be done.

From this brain browse, I decided that I needed to prepare an intro video for the launch of the challenge. Another pending task was to get a grip with the recording podcasts. Story time is about reading out stories from the first two books; Lemon Zest and Limoncello

One of the techniques that I use for the creation of videos is to create the slides or short video footage in Apple Keynotes. Then, import these into iMovie format and use all the tools within iMovie to create a high quality video.

Making a video from Keynotes to iMovie

So making a movie using keynotes helps me do two things:

  • Plan the scenes needed to tell my story
  • Write the script that goes with each scene

Anyone that knows me well will know that I make no secret about the importance of planning. A skill, today that is fast becoming a black art.


Answer: Time! Time has also become a priceless and with the onslaught of social media everyone wants a piece of our time. Social media attacks our ego and we respond as expected.

’80% of any success is in the planning.’

Without it we very quickly get lost and drift in the breeze. We have been caught up in this notion that we need to get stuff out as soon as possible.

So, sorry I digress again.

Now the beauty of products such as Apple Keynotes is the versatility it offers. As I mentioned earlier, I can create an individual video from each slide using the animation features or create a still JPG image.

Both techniques enable you to bring life into my story. I can incorporate a wide range of different media types. The tools within keynotes allows many variations for the presentation of my data.

The quality is sufficient for the social media platforms. I am not a fan of random videos of oneself. They might be popular, but my training as Engineer drives me to plan, create, test and share (PCTS or #pcts).

Using Keynotes in this way enhances what you can do in iMovie. The approach that I use will take longer, but it is worth it for several reasons.

There is much debate surrounding the length of a video in terms of time. I disagree with all those who insist that you have to make a video less than 55 seconds. There is a negative logic to this flawed thinking.

I stubbornly stick with the thought that it is the first 5 seconds of the video that is important. If I capture attention in these five-seconds, then the length of the video becomes less important. So, I choose a backing theme music and the length of that track sets the length of the movie that I want to create.


Well, this helps to set the length of the video and the content. The length of each scene is another one of those great debates that will never reach a conclusion.

My approach always follows the following structure:

  • A for Attention
  • I for Interest
  • D for Desire
  • A for action

This is an old and well known marketing technique, but as a short story writer, it also fits the ACT 1, 2a, 2b and 3 for story telling.

It would be very easy to get very technical and plan each scene timing. I generally have scene settings of 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds.