365 Challenge Day minus 6

SMARTER Saturdays - One Page CURE

Every problem is unique.

Every problem provides you with lessons.

Every problem provides unique opportunities.

Every problem results in some form of evolution.

Every problem consists of four transitions:

  • Capture
  • Understand
  • Resolve
  • Evolve

Every problem has a One Page CURE.

You may find it necessary to skip a transition or two depending on the nature of your problem. The One Page CURE provides an approach that covers all the aspects that I have encountered in over 40 years in industry.

To succeed in today’s world you need to become SMARTER!

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in my working career is to be able to solve any problem you have to capture it on a ‘single’ page. This is the only way that you will be able to be fully focused.

During 2021 I will show you how to use the One Page CURE approach to solve any problem.

My first post will start by answering, ‘What is the One Page CURE?’ During the weeks that follow, I will take you through the One Page CURE approach:

  • 12 foundation stones or keywords
  • 12 game-changing questions
  • 12 SMARTER pledges
  • 12 sustainable benefits

This will include showing how to be SMARTER when it comes to resolving a problem or making a complex challenge simple.

  • S - Specify (What lesson you are applying)
  • M - Measure (How you will measure the success - value or rating)
  • A - Actions (What steps are require to implement change)
  • R - Risks (Are there any risks? What are they? How might they impact on the success)
  • T - Time (Establish time line to complete and validate success)
  • E - Expectation (Note what your expectations are)
  • R - Reflect (Review the expected vs likely outcomes for each)

During the course of this challenge, I intend sharing a number of standard templates, including variations of using the SMARTER template.

In January, the topics will be:

  • 02-01-2021 - What is One Page CURE?
  • 09-01-2021 - One Page CURE - Vision
  • 16-01-2021 - One Page CURE - Resource
  • 23-01-2021 - One Page CURE - Mission
  • 30-01-2021 - Creating your next great idea

Join me and find your One Page CURE for 2021.